November 19-28, 1998

For the week of thanksgiving, I went down to Córdoba, Argentina to visit my friend Mila. I used my frequent flyer miles for the trip down to Buenos Aires and bought a ticket for the leg to Córdoba when I got down to Buenos Aires - it's cheaper that way. The flight is Dallas - Miami - Buenos Aires - Córdoba. Cordoba is a city about 1 hours flight from Buenos Aires and the second largest city in Argentina with about 1.5 million people. I bought the Southamerican handbook describing Argentina - a guidebook is almost mandatory to get the most out of a short trip like this. I found a couple of hotels in the book that looked promising (I also found a hotel listing on the net). I sent faxes to a couple of hotels requesting information and received replies from two - one via email: Hotel Dallas. I thought that must be a sign and reserved a room there for 7 nights.

  • Friday: Arrived in Cordoba and checked in at the hotel. Noticed that it may not have been a good sign after all and walked around town checking out other hotels.
  • Saturday: Checked out of Hotel Dallas and walked over to Hotel Windsor, a much nicer hotel. It even had a swedish flag over the entrance! And they had 'bottones' opening the door for you and carrying your luggage. And every evening when I got back to the hotel, there was a mint on the pillow! Walked around town a little more and then called Mila to say that I had arrived and arrange to meet later on in the evening. We decided to meet in front of the Cathedral at Plaza San Martin. I went to Museo de Arte Religioso in the convent of Santa Teresa. There I got a guided tour by a very nice lady. Unfortunately her english was practically non-existant. I didn't understand all she said but got probably half of it. Not too bad, I think...
  • Sunday: We met for breakfast around noon and then went to the zoo. It was blazing hot and I tried to stay as much as possible in the shade...
  • In the evening we went to the Confiteria at the Mitre railway station. The station is closed, but the Confiteria is not and on sunday evenings they have tango there. Which they did, but not exactly the way I had imagined it to be. I thought it would be like a show, but it was regular people dancing tango (and to tell the truth - a little older people). But we stayed and watched - because they were good. They must have done it for awhile... There were also a group of young people in our age that were REALLY good. Two couples had an improvised exhibition which was excellent.
  • Monday: Mila and Candy came to my hotelroom bringing wine and a cake to celebrate my birthday! Very good cake... We then went to an amusement park and had fun. Unfortunately I must have eaten something that didn't agreed with my stomach so I had to pass on most of the rides.
  • Tuesday: Still feeling a little weak. Went to the movies with Mila in the early evening. We saw "xxx" with Nicolas Cage. It was subtitled so I listened to the soundtrack and Mila read the subtitles - worked out pretty good!
  • Wednesday: Mila and I took the bus (2 hours) to Villa General Belgrano, a village with about 4500 people north of Cordoba.
  • Thursday: Last day in Cordoba.
  • Friday: Flew to Buenos Aires early in the morning and spent the day there (The flight back to US didn't leave until 10.20pm). I tried the subway. It's supposed to be one of the oldest in the world - opened in 1913 with one line that still have what seems to be the original cars. All wooden interior and you have to open and close the doors by yourself! The stations ('subte') have beautiful tiled decorations. I took a 3-hour citytour (by bus) and was shown some of the sights of the city given and a little bit of history behind them.
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Sights around town

The basilica of La Merced. Built in the early 19th century with beautiful murals.
The east side of La Merced.
On a sidewall by the entrance of La Merced.

A local band playing in Plaza San Martín. 

This is the weekly (every Thursday) march of the Mothers of Plaza de Mayo at the square. 

This is one of the entrances to Area peatonal. I actually found a postcard with this very picture.

Casa del Virrey Marqués de Sobramonte, the sole remaining colonial house in the city. Houses the Museo Histórico Provincial. It has some interesting things from the past. But the thing that really made me like it was the fact that it was raining heavily when I walked past and it was open... (This photo taken later)

The 17th century Carmelite convent and chapel of Santa Teresa. The convernt, dating from 1628 has a fine portal built in 1770. I took the tour of the convent and chapel. Unfortunately the guide didn't speak any english! She was very good at telling me the history of the place anyway - lots of gestures and easy spanish phrases. I actually understood most of what she was talking about!

The Cathedral, as seen at night. Beautiful, isn't it?

A kid playing with birds his own size...
At the zoo in Parque Sarmiento.

Mila and Candy.

A "blob" resting. It is HUGE!

I was waiting for it to fold up the second leg too...

Candy posing for the camera.

Hey guys! Look at me!

Candy, Watch your hand!
Villa General Belgrano

This is the city's Town Hall.

This is me in the square just across the street from the Town Hall. This is where we picked up the dogs.

This is where Oktoberfest is celebrated each year. I don't know if there are any 'beer parks' in Germany.

This is a nice park by a little river (just a stream, really). Fido One and Two are still following us. They stayed with us for well over two hours.