Thanksgiving 2005

Barbados - an island I hadn't been to yet and when I found cheap air/hotel package at for Thanksgiving week, I asked my good friend and regular travel/dive buddy Deanna in Florida to come along. We searched a while for other destinations but couldn't find anything in the same price class and since our budget was limited, we booked it. I flew down to Tampa and then the two of us flew down to Barbados for a week of R&R and to celebrate Thanksgiving/my birthday in warmer weather than either Tampa or Dallas...
We had no problems with any of the flights and took a taxi to the hotel. We found out that the hotel (The Time Out hotel at St. Lawrence Gap) was not the most luxurious... But who stays at the hotel when you are on vacation? I'm there to scuba dive and see the island. The hotel had a very good location being just across from Dover beach and close to restaurants and bars in St. Lawrence Gap.
I had searched the web for dive reports and found just a handful - very few people seem to have dived in Barbados (and reported about it...). I asked at Rodale's Diver2Diver message forum and got a recommendation for HighTide Ltd. That happened to be the diveshop I could book through and since I didn't find anything better online, I booked 7 dives with them. We did two morning dives Monday and Tuesday and then three dives on Wednesday, my birthday. That included the famous SS. Stavronikita wreck.

more to come...

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Dover beach across from the hotel

Dover beach across from the hotel

Me and Deanna in the Harrison Cave

Me and Deanna on the diveboat


Scrawled Filefish

Smooth trunkfish

On my 38th birthday...

Goldspotted moray

The Admiral Nelson statue

The Parliament

The famous Crane beach