May 27-June 4, 2000

Gale and I decided to go on a little more luxurious liveaboard, and Gale had been to Belize before and loved it, so why not combine them into a Peter Hughes' Wave Dancer liveaboard in Belize. And to lure you in, they have a $500 discount on the first trip you take with them. American Airlines have a direct flight into Belize City from Dallas so it is real easy to get down there. The Wave Dancer boat is definitely a step up from the previous liveaboards I have been to (Egypt and Bahamas). You are really pampered! Nice cabin with plenty of space, hot towels after every dive and then hot cocoa after the nightdive! And the crew was great and really made us feel welcome.

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They rang the bell to announce divebriefings.

Tom and Nancy

This is something you need to to right away - filling in your logbook.

The diveplatform

The boat

Erin and Charles

Captain Dave greeting us after returning from "Red-footed Boobie Island"


Me, ready for a nightdive. It was a little bit cold so I put on my hood. I was toasty!!

Captain Dave and Gale

This is how Annie warmed up the towels we were handed after every dive ;-)

It's not only the Aggressor boats that have Jacuzzis...

Gregg and Kathy

The cameratable, that even though it was big felt cramped at times - we were a lot of people on the boat that had camera/video gear.


Karin and Larry's pictures

This is the only shark we saw - and we had to bring it with us...

A very photogenic turtle that stayed with us forever. 
Once in awhile he went up for air, but came right back down to us!

Gale and I brought some fun stuff for the nightdives...


Captures from video

Don't worry, the turtle is NOT attacking Karin's fin. 
He is just on his way up to the surface for some air.
Interesting shot though ;-)

OK, can I find a better place without all these noisy fish blowing bubbles?

No, I guess not. They are kind of interesting...

Oh well - more for me then...

This is when Karin took her picture (see above).
Do you see the flash on her camera (strobe didn't fire)?
Gale is getting a good view of the turtle.

Larry enjoying the view...

Karin trying to get a better angle for her shot.

OK Greg, where is your camera???

Gale is nice enough to fetch it.

Oops, there is someone in the way!

I'm flying!!!
(And poor me is huffing and puffing trying to keep up...)