Cozumel, Mexico
April 20-23, 2001

So - another year and another Cozumel trip. I just can't stay away from the place...
  After spending two and a half months in cold Sweden I thought I needed a quick getaway once I got back to Dallas. So I called a couple of divestores and Dive West had a trip for the weekend after Easter. I have been on their trips before and always met some great people on their trips.
We stayed at La Ceiba hotel and used Del Mar Aquatics.

We started the diving Friday afternoon, a couple of hours after arriving. The first dive was on "The Wreck", a navy ship sunk last summer. It's called Felipe Xicotencatl, but everybody just calls it The Wreck (well, there is only one in Cozumel!) It sits in 80 feet of water and we started the dive by going down the to the stern. From there we entered the ship and followed our divemaster up and down stairs through several rooms. At one time I had to stop and wait for the people in front of me so I held on to a door opening. Kids, don't do that without wearing gloves - I did and cut myself. Not real bad, but enough to leave a small trail of green blood... I hate wearing gloves but should have worn them on this particular dive! As I didn't, I know now where to get a tetanus shot in Cozumel. I had been told to go to a pharmacy where I could get the shot. The pharmacies I went to at the square did have the vaccin, but they would only sell it too me, I had to inject it myself. That's a little too much for me so I went to a clinic to have it done. They didn't have the actual vials with vaccin, so I had to go to a pharmacy around the corner to buy it and then go back to the clinic to have the nurse inject it. She was very professional and did an excellent job. I then took a cab back to the hotel but decided to sit out the night dive (or rather move it to Saturday night).

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La Ceiba hotel. Picture taken from their dock by the diveshop. I stayed in the older two story building behind the palmtrees.

We had dinner at Santiago's Bar∓mp;Grill Saturday evening. A great restaurant where the Señor Santiago himself served us a flaming coffee. He was an excellent host.

Jennifer and me - she won these two beautiful and "tasteful" cups for us with her excellent dancing - I sure enjoyed it:-)

Kevin and Tammy in between two dives. Looks like they are having a good time!!

Sitting in the lobby waiting for the taxi to take me to the airport. Stephanie, our friendly trip leader having some fun...

Stephanie and Darryl at Guido's. We had dinner there Friday night - great food and atmosphere!

Tammy's picture of me.

And also a picture of Tammy underwater - wearing her bandana!

This is the guys at Paradise Cafe - the girls chickened out when it was time for taking a picture of them...

At Paradise Cafe (Bob's Marley bar) on the other side of the island.

Relaxing at Coconuts on the other side of the island. Great place for that Sunday afternoon wind down after a weekend of diving.