Cozumel, Mexico
Memorial Day Weekend 1996

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This is a dive trip I took with Dive West, a diveshop here in Dallas. We were around 35 people and for the diving we were divided into two groups, the advanced divers (see below) and us "regular" divers. We stayed at La Ceiba hotel south of the main town on Cozumel, San Miguel. It's an excellent hotel for divers. First of all there is a good diveoperator on the premises - Del Mar Aquatics. There is also good beachdiving directly from the hotel with the airplane wreck sunk in 1979 for a movie being the highpoint. It's not too far from town either.
The trip started way too early Friday morning. It's a two hour flight down and you arrive just in time for lunch. The lunch you do at Ernesto's across the street, washing it down with a marguerita (just one - they're strong and you're going to dive later in the afternoon). Then you head back to the hotel and hang out by the pool before a checkout dive from the beach (unlimited beachdiving is included).

These are the advanced divers...

Just hanging out while we are shipped out to the first reef of the day.

This is my divebuddy Dave getting out of the water after, what it seems, a great dive.

This is the last evening at Carlos n' Charlie - THE hangout for divers (and anybody else for that matter).
We've done the last dive and can get down to some serious partying.