Cozumel, Mexico
June 19-22, 1998


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I just came back from another Cozumel trip.I went with Dive West and we stayed at La Ceiba hotel south of the main town on Cozumel, San Miguel. It's an excellent hotel for divers. First of all there is a good diveoperator on the premises - Del Mar Aquatics. There is also good beachdiving directly from the hotel with the airplane wreck sunk in 1979 for a movie being the highpoint. It's not too far from town either.
The trip started way too early Friday morning. It's a two hour flight down and you arrive just in time for lunch. The lunch you do at Ernesto's across the street, washing it down with a marguerita (just one - they're strong and you're going to dive later in the afternoon). Then you head back to the hotel and hang out by the pool before a checkout dive from the beach (unlimited beachdiving is included).

The pictures are in no particular order.

This is Tara, me, David and Martine on the beach of Playa Del Carmen.

I managed to get out of my hammock to take a picture of David and Martine relaxing.

This is part of the group relaxing after the last dive for the day.

Pernilla resting after a great dive!

This is David with a banana. Sharon is in the background getting some sun.

This is our divemaster Miguel.
He was the divemaster on my trip in '96 too.

David, me, Tara, Pernilla and Johan all suited up and ready to get into the water.

This is David, Tara, unknown, Pernilla, Johan and finally Martine by the pool.

This is Rudolph, one of the divemasters, having fun with Tara and Pernilla.

This is Neil and Sharon.
Neil was my divebuddy on the Saturday night dive.

Martine relaxing by the pool.

Here are some pictures grabbed from the video that was filmed during the two dives Sunday morning.

Miguel, the divemaster.

Rudolph - the other divemaster.

Ok - give me a BIG kiss!!

A Queen Angel Fish
(Thanks Gale)

The game is: find the fish!

Hi Tara. 

A spotted moray.

Another moray.

Ok, say cheese!

Isn't that cute...

Two divers sneaking up
on a defenseless Barracuda.

Another underwater picture of Tara. I think the photographer liked her...

Wave to the audience!

I'm cool... (Jane - is the picture of me good enough??)