Cozumel, Mexico
Memorial Day Weekend 1999

So - another year and another Cozumel trip. This one was great! Great people, great weather and great diving. Saw two sharks! First time for me! We were four people going down there: me, Andy, Kathie and Rose. Then there were a bunch of people we knew that were also going down there, many members of  The Scubadillos Dive Club , a club we were all members of. We went with Dive West which I've gone with twice before. Always a great group of people! We stayed at the  La Ceiba hotel as always and used the Del Mar Aquatics diveshop which is located right at the hotel. Andy and I also dove with Dive with Martin dive shop, but more about that later.

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Gale's pictures

Adrian, our dive master


?, Becky, Andy, Kathie and Rose waiting to get into the water.

Gale, Becky and Marca

Is this my best side???

Steve and Rusty enjoying some octopus at La Tortuga.

Kathie, Rose and me

Rose, me and Kathie

Tracy and Diana


Andy's pictures


Miscellaneous pictures