Washington DC, 1997

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Me, Robert, Janne and Niklas found cheap tickets (AA netsaavers) to Washington DC for the Labor Day weekend of '97.

Robert leaning on the Washington Monument.

Robert, Janne and Niklas on the Capitol Building's lawn.

A very lifelike stuffed tiger at the Museum of Natural History.

This is the Wright Brother's plane in the Air and Space Museum. It's a must to go to that museum when in Washington DC. Prepare to spend the better part of a day there - there are simply so many things to see.

This is Robert and Niklas at the Museum of Natural History. They're debating whether the elephant is real or not.

This is outside Union station. Someone took a wrong turn somewhere...

This is Janne in the early evening in our hotelroom. It's around 10pm.

This is the same person at 4am after some serious partying...

This is Robert, also at 4am. I'm lucky to be behind the camera, because I was feeling pretty much what he's feeling.

"Hey, what the @#$% are Bill and Monica doing there behind the bushes???"