Mexico 1991

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This is from a three week trip around Mexico i took with my sister in the summer of '91. I started with a two week school trip to New York and Boston, visiting a bunch of high-tech companies and also MIT. I then flew down to Monterrey, Mexico where I met up with Mia and where she has a friend. We flew down to Cancun, stayed there for a week and then took the bus to Mexico city. We stopped in Chichén Itzá, and a bunch of cities along the way. From Mexico City we took the train back up to Monterrey. I managed to avoid Montezuma's revenge until the last evening before going back to Sweden. Let me say that I didn't enjoy the travel back to Sweden... First a bus to McAllen on the Texas' side of the border. I got stopped in customs as the only european on the bus... We were then dropped off about a mile from the airport and had to hitch a ride to the airport as we didn't want to walk a mile in 100 degree heat with a lot of luggage. We then came to the airport at about 11 and found out that we had forgotten all about the one hour time difference between Mexico and the US. And the flight left at noon! We ran to the gate only to have to wait for 20 minutes before the flight left for Houston... In Houston I managed to get the last seat on the flight to Amsterdam. I was originally going to stay a day in Houston, but with my protesting stomach I just wanted to get back home. At Shiphol in Amsterdam I had to run across the airport to catch the flight to Sturup and then it was only two short hours to Home Sweet Home.

This is the beach by Tulum.

The beautiful ocean seen through a "window" in Tulum as an Mayan
may have seen it 400 years earlier.

The good side of El Castillo at Chichén Itzá.

A little lizzard looking for some junk food.
[Ruinas Del Rey on the "hotel island" in Cancun]

This is the Ball Court of Chichén Itzá taken from the top of the pyramid (El Castillo).

Temple of the Warriors with the West Colonnade Group of the Thousand Columns,
each column representing a warrior.
[Picture taken from the top of El Castillo.]

El Castillo.
There are four stairs, each with 91 steps and then the top making it a total of 365 steps,
one step for each day in the Mayan calendar.