July 9-30, 2002

In my new job, I get to travel quite a bit although I didn't expect to go to Russia... Actually, my group's market is South and North America, and Russia really is supposed to be handled by Finland, but it's vacation time over there so they asked us. I was first going to India, but they wanted me there over July 4th weekend, and I already had a trip to do some wreckdiving in North Carolina planned for that weekend, so James and I switched. He went to India and I got to go to Russia instead. He was adviced not go leave his hotel and rarely ventured out and I walked around town at night on poorly lit roads carrying an expensive laptop, digital camera and a gold watch and felt completely safe...

I spent 3 weeks in Krasnodar and stopped by in Moscow for 2 days on my way back home.

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This is the main office of Kuban GSM, the company I visited. The mural has been there since the Soviet era.

Krasnoda street, the main street through town. As you see, lots of trees and lots of stores.

The hotel I stayed in, the best hotel in town. Notice the colored top floors...

A public phone I found on the wall of a house. Looks old, but it still works.

One of the many street vendors selling Kbac, a refreshing drink made of old bread!

My driver Alexey and his family. He invited me down to the Black Sea for a weekend. Almost everybody I met in Russia were very friendly.

The beach closest to the house we stayed in. It's a little crowded... The other beach was a lot less crowded so we went there instead.


The center of Russia. Brings good luck if you stand on it an throw a coin over your shoulder.

The view from my hotel room.

The Red Square.

The Lenin tomb.

St. Basil's Cathedral. My hotel is peeking out from behind it.

You saw these golden onion roofs everywhere in the Kremlin.

You balet lovers should know what this building houses.