Wind Dancer, Grand Turk
November 23-December 1, 2002

Pictures are in no particular order...

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This is the cactus that the Turks Islands are named after.
It really does look like a red fez!

The schedule for the day.

Before we dove on a new reef, they drew a map of it and pointed out things to look for.

Brett, the captain giving a dive briefing.

Wind Dancer

One of many beautiful sunsets. Vacations in the Caribbean are pretty good!!

A wreck at the dock on Grand Turk. It had a lot of fish hiding in and around it.

The Turks and Caicos museum, one of very few attractions on Grand Turk. It sure is a sleepy island...

Just under the fire truck on the dock is where the resident sea horses hang out.

The crew

This was a common view when ending a dive...

I'm not sure if I would have wanted to dive with this dive operator if their other boats were in the same shape as this one... ;-0