Caracas and Los Roques, Venezuela
July 2-6, 1998

For the 4th of July weekend I went on another AA netsaavers trip, this time to Caracas, Venezuela. It's a direct flight and it's about 5 hours. I arrived around 10.30pm local time and took a cab to Royal Hotel, where I had reserved a room via fax. It's a mid-priced hotel in Sabana Grande, a fairly safe part of town. I started Friday with going to LTA, one of the largest travel agencies, and booking a daytrip to Los Roques for Sunday. I then went to have lunch with Yanira, a Venezuelan friend I met while working in Stockholm earlier this year. She also works for Ericsson (that's how I met her - Ericsson sends people all over the world and you get to meet a lot of nice people.) The afternoon I spent wandering around in Parque Central where I went to a bunch of museums, like a tourist should... <more to come>. Saturday Yanira and I explored the historic sector in the center of town. Sunday I went to Los Roques. It was beautiful. <more to come>.
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A neat piece of art. It's suspended over an opening down to the subway.

The Ericsson office in Caracas.

Nå Mia - vill du handla här???

Yanira calling her sister and her boyfriend to ask for directions.
Torre Este, the tallest building in Caracas
This is Torre Este, the tallest building in Caracas. It houses a lot of government offices. It's supposed to have a top floor where you get a very good view of Caracas. Unfortunately, I never got up there.

Los Roques
Pelicans fishing at the docks
Some pelicans fishing. Close to the airport (well, everything is close on Gran Roque, the main island)
A barracuda that likes to hang out at the reef. The guide said it was 1.5-1.6m long.

This one turned out good. And I even meant it to be like this!
52 foot catamaran we sailed around in Los Roques
This is the catamaran we sailed around the islands with.
Another picture of the barracuda.
Måns relaxing on the beach of Madrisky
Måns relaxing on the beach of Madrisky with a good book. I don't think he regrets the trip to Los Roques...
You meet Swedes everywhere (met him on the boat!)

A pelican diving for a fish.

A regular beach on Los Roques.