Caracas, Venezuela
Labor Day Weekend, 1998

For the Labor Day weekend I went on another AA netsaavers trip, again to to Caracas, Venezuela. It's a direct flight and it's about 5 hours - at least, that's what I thought it would be. But it started with that the plane had some problems and we had to go back to the lounge while they found another plane. Around 6 o'clock (the flight was supposed to leave at 2.35pm) we finally took of and had an relaxing flight - until the light in the cabin suddenly went out. It came back after a little while but went out again. The captain then told us we were going to visit Kingston, Jamaica for a short unscheduled stop... We landed around 10pm and had to stay two hours in the airport before it was decided that we couldn't take off that evening. So we were all taken to the local Hilton for the night. Of course, no hotel is equipped to check in over a hundred guests at 1 am so it took some time... The bus back to the airport was going to come and pick us up at 6 am...
Me and a couple of other guys decided it wasn't worth going to bed just for a few hours, so we asked one of the staff if there was anything that served rum and coke close by. Of course, it being Jamaica, we were directed to the closest nightclub. So we went there and had a couple of rum and cokes (or actually rum and Pepsi...) and tasted a few of the local beers. It was packed with people - a normal Thursday night. And it was still packed with people when we left at 5 am. I went back to the room to get a full hour of sleep! A bus took us back to the airport, and of course, we didn't leave on time - at 9.30 we finally took of. I fell asleep pretty much as soon as I sat down in my seat. I didn't wake up until we landed in Caracas.
The good thing about the Jamaica adventure was that I didn't have to take a cab from the airport to town in the middle of the night. And I had time to look for hotel rooms. I had looked in my guidebook and found a couple of hotels in one area of town (Close to Plaza Altamira) so I asked the cabdriver to drop me of at one of them - Hotel Residencia Montserrat. They had a room and it was good enough so I didn't have to go to any other hotel. <more to come>.
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The first stop...

Do you see the sign saying "Trevlig Resa"
- it means 'Have a nice trip' in Swedish!

Torre Este, tallest building in Caracas